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(417) 831-0749  or  (417) 294-3377 cell
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Piano Technician's Guild

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Discounted rates for 2 - 4 prescheduled/prepaid tunings per year
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Piano Repairs
Pianos need more than just tuning from time to time. Pianos are made from
a variety of materials, from wood, metal, felt, plastics, and such. Although
pianos are built to last, there will come a time when these materials will
break down, leaving you with a sticky note, a broken string, broken pedal,
broken hammer, and the list goes on. It is inevitable that repairs will need
to be made.

Although piano tuners are usually thought of as "just" piano tuners, they must be able to handle any repair issue that may arise.  I carry a number of spare repair parts in my vehicle, and if I don't have what I need, I can quickly get most any needed repair part from special piano supply houses.  I take pride in my repairs and feel that the repair should be as good as or better than new if at all possible.
It is very important to have any repairs made as soon as possible. Continuing to use an instrument that has a broken part, or is not "acting" just right can lead to further damage if not taken care of.  Don't make things worse, get it repaired. You'll be glad you did.
Broken Key
Broken Hammer Shank

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I offer Piano Tuning
Services to these areas
in Missouri:

Strafford, Mo
Springfield, Mo
Ozark, Mo
Nixa, Mo
Marshfield, Mo
Rogersville, Mo
Republic, Mo
Branson, Mo
Ash Grove, Mo
Fair Grove, Mo
Ebenezer, Mo
Cave Spring, Mo
Walnut Grove, Mo
Pleasant Hope, Mo
Sparta, Mo

and surrounding areas.

Special arrangements can sometimes be made out of my normal service area.
Musically themed gifts, piano
accessories, etc!
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Call (417) 831-0749, (417) 294-3377 cell, or email for a tuning!
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