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Piano Regulation
As the piano is played and subjected to humidity changes, it becomes
necessary to adjust it's many moving parts in order for it to respond
correctly. If you notice notes that seem to double bounce when you
play them; if you notice sloppy keys that are extra loose and wiggle
from side to side, or are extra sluggish; if you notice notes that continue
to ring when they should be quiet...these are signs that your piano
needs adjustments.  As a piano technician, I am qualified to make the
necessary adjustments to your piano to make it function and sound
it's very best.

For a piano to be properly regulated, it must be in good repair first. Worn parts should be replaced, all action screws tight, and such, in order to give the action a good basis for proper adjustments to be made. If parts are broken, missing, or worn, a proper regulation job is impossible. Refer to my repair and reconditioning/rebuilding pages for more information along those lines.

Although I was delighted with my newly-regulated Steinway as soon as you gave it back to me, it has taken the past two and a half weeks to fully appreciate what a splendid job you did for me.  I could rant all day about the new-found subtleties, even touch, enhanced ppp and fff, but you already know all that stuff. Just know how very much I appreciate you steering me to have the work done. It is as you said: I did not know what I was missing. Thanks, too, for the tutorial as you were putting the action back together. I really enjoyed learning about the complicated guts of a piano".      -- Ann

The following video was created by Rick Jones Piano, Inc. and gives you look at what part of the regulating process looks like for a grand piano.  While this video shows just a fraction of the regulating process, it does illustrate how a grand hammer should behave when played, the sort of things the technician is looking for and how he can make very small adjustments to correct the action's behavior, and it also gives you a pretty good idea of why a piano takes so much time to regulate.  
I offer Piano Tuning
Services to these areas
in Missouri:

Strafford, Mo
Springfield, Mo
Ozark, Mo
Nixa, Mo
Marshfield, Mo
Rogersville, Mo
Republic, Mo
Branson, Mo
Ash Grove, Mo
Fair Grove, Mo
Ebenezer, Mo
Cave Spring, Mo
Walnut Grove, Mo
Pleasant Hope, Mo
Sparta, Mo

and surrounding areas.

Special arrangements can sometimes be made out of my normal service area.

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