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Associate Member of the
Piano Technician's Guild

Locally Licensed
   and Insured

Discounted rates for 2 - 4 prescheduled/prepaid tunings per year
Action Reconditioning
Piano Regulation
Piano Repairs
Piano Tuning
Friendly Service
What I Offer
Piano Moving (limited)
Local Moves
(typically <50 miles, stop to stop)

I offer basic, short distance
local piano moving services
for Greene County (and
neighboring counties in


Unfortunately, I can only offer piano moving services for spinet, console, some studio uprights, and smaller old uprights.
I presently don't move grand pianos at all.

I am equipped to handle most piano moves that have relatively easy access in and out, such as a move between two ground level dwellings.  Most homes will have a couple stairs  from the sidewalk to a porch, or from a garage into the main level, and those are usually not a problem so long as there are no more than 3 stairs and I have room to use a 8' portable ramp. I do not do stairs without a ramp. Porch stairs can sometimes be avoided altogether by using my portable ramp directly from the porch into my trailer, provided I can get my 6'x12' cargo trailer backed up to within 5 - 6 feet of the porch.

I request that if at all possible, a photo or two be emailed to me of each location's entry (porch, garage steps into mudroom, any obstacles, sidewalks, etc.) so I know better how to plan the safest move possible and come prepared.

I also reserve the right to refuse any move based on my equipment limitations, manpower limitations, parking/loading limitations, etc. I want to be certain that any piano move I agree to is done as safely as possible for all involved, including your piano.  

I am presently not equipped to handle specialty moves that typically involve large pianos (large old uprights, grands, or square grands, etc.), more than 3 stairs (all stairs must be ramp accessible for me), more than two individuals to move the piano, moves that require special equipment such as cranes, hoists, etc, or are distances of 150 mi. or greater. I will leave those moves to the expert movers who specialize in that sort of thing.  My primary business is tuning, repairing, and regulating pianos here locally, but I am often asked if I can move them as well.  I do now offer limited moving services, but do need to keep it limited to fairly straight forward moves. 

I use a 6x12 tandem axle covered trailer with E-trak tie downs on each wall like are provided on many moving trucks. This ensures a safe, secure move no matter the weather.  

Rates are as follows...

Spinets / Consoles / Studios (up to 48" tall)

$125 First 20 miles (stop to stop)
+ $4/mile (one way) additional miles
+ $5.00 Per Step (Up or Down) **
+ Maneuvers (Prices Vary)

Large Uprights / Baby Grands (5'6'' or less)

Currently I don't move!

Full Size "Parlor" Grands (5'6" to 6'6")

Currently I don't move!

Concert Grands (6'6"and over) or Square Grands

Currently I don't move!

** All steps are charged for, even if ramp is used. Exception: for example, if ramp can be placed directly between porch and trailer to avoid steps.

Long Distance/Special Situation Moves

Most long distance and special situation moves I would need to leave to professional piano movers.

If it is an easy move (easy load/unload) situation on either end, I would consider moves of between 50 - 150 miles one way.  I will, however,  consider them on a case by case basis.

Moving Companies:

Piano Craft
2920 S Glenstone Ave,
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 881-3035

Gerber Moving & Storage, Inc.
2222 S. 138th Street
Bonner Springs, KS 66012

I offer Piano Tuning
Services to these areas
in Missouri:

Strafford, Mo
Springfield, Mo
Ozark, Mo
Nixa, Mo
Marshfield, Mo
Rogersville, Mo
Republic, Mo
Branson, Mo
Ash Grove, Mo
Fair Grove, Mo
Ebenezer, Mo
Cave Spring, Mo
Walnut Grove, Mo
Pleasant Hope, Mo
Sparta, Mo

and surrounding areas.

Special arrangements can sometimes be made out of my normal service area.
Just because they moved
their piano without incident
doesn't mean you can!
Are you considering moving your own piano?  Please read these important tips and warnings first!  It is important to use correct equipment and methods to move your piano safely. 

I was moving a piano just the other day in my cargo trailer, complete with e-track tie downs, when to my surprise, I passed a pickup truck (pulling a small utility trailer) that was pulled over on the side of the road because they had just lost their large upright piano which had tipped over on it's front during transit.  At the very least they will need a new set of pedals (which all three snapped off immediatly) as well as any case damage repaired.  This is the second time in a single month that I saw or heard of this happening. The other piano, a spinet, lost it's pedals as well as it's two legs which popped off and had to be repaired.

Was moving their piano themselves worth the risk?

Piano Moving Basics

Piano Moving Warnings

Richard's Piano Service Blog

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