Piano Reconditioning and Rebuilding
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Reconditioning can add many years of quality life to most
pianos. Reconditioning can be a good option for pianos that
are basically in good shape but have worn hammers,
dampers, felts, etc.  Reconditioning is different than
rebuilding in that we try to use as many origninal parts as we
can, replacing only the parts necessary at the time.

Most reconditioning is related to the action, as that is where
all the mechanical wear and tear takes place.

A typical action reconditioning could consist of shaping or replacing the hammers, replacing damper felts, tightening all action screws, aligning action parts, replacing hammer rail felts, hammer butt felts, regulating button felts, springs, rebushing flanges, lubricating the action as needed,  and that sort of thing.

Again, the goal of reconditioning is to try and use as many original parts as we can, replacing what is necessary, and adjusting the piano to play as well as it can without getting into major rebuilding.

Reconditioning can be a great option since it is a fraction of the cost of a total rebuild, it will extend the life of your piano as well as improve the touch and tone considerably.  Reconditioning can also be done in days to weeks instead of the months that a rebuild can take.


                     Old Center Rail Felts                                   New Keybed Felts
               (Hardened by age and eaten by moth larvae)       (Front, Center, and Back Rails)


Rebuilding a piano is much more extensive than reconditioning one.  When rebuilding a piano, virtually ALL worn parts are replaced with new parts, and the goal is to restore the piano to as "like new" condition as possible.  Generally a rebuild will include the replacement of such things as: the pinblock, the strings, the tuning pins, hammers, dampers, many action parts, sound board, bridges, as well as extensive keyboard restoration.

Rebuilds take a considerable amount of time and money, and it should be noted that not all pianos are good canditates for a rebuild.  When considering a piano for a rebuild, things like name brand (from a quality maker or not), age, condition, senimentality, and things like will help determine whether a rebuild is right for your piano. 

Currently I do not personally offer rebuilding work in my shop. I do, however, refer all rebuilding work to Dugan's Piano Service in Nixa, Mo. and can move your piano to and from his shop as necessary.

If you have any questions about whether your piano could benefit from a reconditioning or rebuilding, please feel free to contact me at (573) 528-9847, or email me, and I will be glad to either service your piano personally, or help you locate the services you need.
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