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Thank you for visiting the Blog of Richard’s Piano Service.

I am Richard W. Bushey – Piano Technician, Waynesville, Mo.

This is my very first Blog post, and it’s something very new to me, but I feel that it can be very beneficial for us both.

As with any profession, there has been much study, practice, testing, and practical on-the-job experience that has gotten me where I am today.  I am a better piano technician than I was a year ago, 5 years ago, and for sure 18 years ago when I first picked up a tuning lever for the first time.  However, even after 18 years in the business, there is much I have to learn, so in an effort to continue to improve and offer the best service possible, it is necessary for me to keep learning and stretching myself to do better, daily.

You may be a piano owner (or would like to be) and you may have many questions about your piano.  Pianos are quite fascinating instruments, and very unique too.  I am always surprised at how little piano owners really know about their instrument.  Like a car, they know that when they put the key in and turn it, it goes VROOM!  When it stops going VROOM (hopefully before…) they know to fill it with gas.  That’s all some car owners know about their cars.  Similarly, piano owners purchase their pianos, bring them home, and all they really know about their piano is that when they open the lid and press the keys, music comes out.  When the music seems less than musical, they get it tuned, but that’s about it.

So this is why I feel this Blog can be useful to both of us, you the reader, as well as me the technician.  Piano owners can really benefit by understanding a little more about their beloved instruments, and when the Technician says it needs an “oil change” (or a regulation, some adjustments or repairs), there won’t be so many “deer-in-the-headlight” looks and awkward pauses!

As a Piano Technician, it is my goal to continue learning so I can better know how to assist my clients.  One way I do that is by attending monthly Piano Technician’s Guild Chapter meetings where fellow technicians from around the area meet and share ideas, methods, and in general encourage one another.  I also subscribe to the Piano Technician’s Journal, a monthly technical magazine for piano technician’s which brings a wealth of knowledge to my mailbox each month.  I also shop with various piano supply companies, browse their websites, read their technical articles and such.  I also enjoy visiting fellow technician’s websites to see what they’re offering and things they are sharing.

So, this is a place where I can share some of what I learn, and as I pass it along, I hope it will enrich your piano owning experience.

Thanks again for stopping in, and until next time…make a joyful noise!

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